Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photo day!

Last night's Ring Around the Rosie class was so much fun - all the usual suspects were there since it was the first time I'd taught it, and even better - I came home wearing all sorts of new jewelry!

First up, this lovely bracelet from Margaret Smith. She was wearing one it last week's class and I told her how I loved the colors - that I'd been meaning to make one like it but it's hard for me to make the time to do someone else's pattern when I know I should be designing instead. So we came up with the perfect compromise! I bartered with her to make one for me, and the little over achiever she is, she surprised me just 6 days later with the completed bracelet! I just love it and I know I'll enjoy wearing it even more because Margaret made it for me.

Second, I had asked a bunch of students to bring their collection of Russian Splendor/Renaissance Revisited necklaces. I'm tickled that they simply CAN'T STOP MAKING THEM! And I wanted to preserve for posterity all the fabulous variations they've come up with by taking some photos. Great plan! And it worked well right up to the point where I turned on my camera and discovered I'd left the memory card at home! (This didn't used to happen with film cameras...waa...) I was so sad. Everyone forgave me to my face (don't know what might have been said later, though!) and promised to bring them back for a re-shoot on Thursday. But I escaped with one of Kathryn's versions by wearing it on my neck all night long. She graciously is letting me borrow it for a while to flaunt. We teased her that she needs to create a library card system for her many pieces and we can check them out for 2 weeks at a time.

Lastly, I created another earring variation of the Ring Around the Rosie class while we were working on our circles. I need to shorten the chain a smidge, but I love the look. I wish I could get these colors to look like they do in real life, because they're gorgeous, not muddy. But you get the idea.


  1. I'm so jealous I can't take these new classes till summer - the earrings are terrific!!!

    I love the bracelet as well.

  2. Never fear - the classes will still be as fabulous later this summer! They're worth the wait. See you soon!