Monday, May 26, 2008

Slow and steady wins the race

At least that's what Anne keeps telling me as we trade daily updates on our mutual plodding along the path to B&B. And I'm seeing the vision. Of course, it might be a mirage. Or a hallucination.

Rich's foot injury was hurting Big Time today. He was supposed to have gone to his in-laws for the remainder of the Memorial Day weekend because it's his father-in-law's birthday, but instead Becky & Alexis went without him so he could stay at home and recuperate. It's his right foot that's broken (groan - there goes driving) and of course his house has stairs with all the bedrooms on the second level. He's trying to get the hang of the crutches, but crutches, pain killers, and stairs aren't a happy mix. I guess he took one face-first fall so far.

The bigger problem will be next week as Becky goes back to work. Between the 24 hours on/48 hours off work schedule of a firefighter, and the flexible hours of a hair dresser, Rich & Becky have managed to go over a year now without needing more than the occasional Aunt Jilly or neighbor babysitting Alexis. But for the moment, Rich can't really take care of her by himself, so I think they'll be hiring childcare for the first time. His injury is more dramatic than Mom's was, and he may be facing surgery. We'll have to see what the doc says later this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the best.

Monday will be packing day here at Casa Wiseman, and Tuesday the boxes get shipped. I also teach my last class in Austin until June 19th on Tuesday night. Then I have a small window of
opportunity to shift gears and make a few samples that I have kits for, but no finished product to show in Milwaukee. I really look forward to spending some zen time with needle, thread, and beads. Lovely little beads.

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