Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2am in Tulsa

Just finished today's 494 mile drive and checked into a hotel in Tulsa. I'm so ready for bed, but still a bit wound up, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to update the blog.

I'll be driving more miles tomorrow, and the day will be longer, so I may flop into bed before I can get the computer out of the case and plugged in. We'll see. Some days I can drive 14 hours and still be raring to go. Other days, I'm ready for a roadside nap after just 2 hours of driving. I listen to my sleepiness level and respond appropriately. I don't plan on letting myself fall asleep while driving and taking myself or anyone else out. I'd be so mad for dying that way, especially when I still have so many bead projects in my head waiting to be born.

Today's route was up through Dallas, to the edge of Oklahoma City, then hanging a right into Tulsa. I'd forgotten that this is a pretty drab drive, visually. Lots of nuthin'. I much prefer to drive along the Gulf Coast and then up through Memphis. The scenery is better. Now, it didn't matter that much tonight since I did most of the trip in the dark, but I think I'll go home the preferred way next week. If I can stand being away from home and the fur children an extra day, I may make good on my annual failed promise to stop either in Chicago or New Orleans or somewhere to have a vacation day on the way back. But so far I've always been desperate to get home after being gone so long. I'm really good at changing my mind over and over again. It's annoying, even to me.

I'm also dying to get my hands on some good, ol' Wisconsin cheese curds. Nummm.....

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