Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slight recovery

Feeling better again today, but not 100%. Argh. Stoopid cold. But I did get Things accomplished today with more accomplishment on the horizon. It's all about putting one foot in front of the other, even on days when it seems impossible. I'm getting better at forcing work out of those "I don't wanna" times, which is a necessity when you're self-employed. Getting pep talks from friends and family helps sometimes. Pep talk = nice way to say kick in the butt.

So a Gigunda supply order went in today that will cause seismic shock to my bank account when it goes through. That gives me about a week before the goods arrive on my doorstep to work on other things like prepping baggies, printing out instructions, and teaching on Thurs, Sat, and Sun. I have some writing to do, some samples to finish. And I still haven't gotten back to painting that durned wall in my bedroom let alone put together the bookcase. I predict Friday will be painting day and Saturday will be bookcase day.

I also plan on putting Mom to work updating the website with the new kits that debuted in Stafford and Milwaukee.

We got some way cool buttons in today that Mom and I have plans for. She made an awesome freeform peyote cuff a while back that used triangles and seed beads in a wavy pattern with this curly kind of button and a beautiful button hole clasp. Unfortunately, the bracelet got lost somewhere in Houston last November when we were there for the Houston International Quilt Show. I hope it at least found a welcome home on someone's wrist. But we've been in mourning for the bracelet ever since. Especially because finding that exact button again has been like dreaming the impossible dream! I try to keep documention of where I purchase things because when I want to use them in a kit, I have to be able to find them again. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, though, and the place we bought the button was one of those times. Mom and I spent days and days and weeks and months searching button sites on the internet and had almost given up....but then...could it be?...after all this time?? YES! We found it! The ultimate happy dance ensued and the dogs bellowed thanks to the moon and all is right with the world.

They had another button that I fell in love with, so those two buttons will be the basis of the two colorways of the kits. I know there's a lot of folks out there that love the look of freeform, but find actually creating freeform very stressful (I'm raising my hand right now.) We plan on doing the hard work FOR you. Okay, I plan on MOM doing the hard work for you. (I love delegation!) We'll have a row by row word chart for you to follow if you choose, so your bracelet will be identical to what the sample looks like, but will have that freeform look about it. And you can always go off on your own freeform way too if you prefer.

I'll also finally be setting up a few classes here in my home - info coming about that within a week. I figure that will FORCE me to get the classroom fully set up and functioning!

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