Saturday, June 21, 2008

Important planning

Let's see - it's 3:30am, and I should be asleep right about now! But I couldn't turn off all the tossing and turning in my brain, so I got up to put all those thoughts down on paper. It turned out to be a useful and much needed overall planning session so I'm glad I got up. I've learned through bitter experience that if I try to ignore all the pieces and parts of projects and schedules and cash flow projections floating around in my head that sleeping will be useless. The only thing to do is write it all down. Only then my brain finally relaxes when it realizes it doesn't have to remember those things for me.

I got some loose ends tied up Friday that have been nagging at me for a while now. I tracked down suppliers for two different items I'm desperate to have in kits. Wa-hoo! I finally got the new printer we bought in Milwaukee installed here at home. Minor cleaning up. (Mother will laugh - it was very minor given the state of things.) I made real progress on finishing a sample. Got some hotel reservations made for upcoming shows. Worked on updating some instructions for an upcoming class.

But the funny part is that none of those things was actually on my mental list of what I thought I was going to do Friday. Now I have Lists, though. Lovely lists to keep me on track. Prioritized, due dates, detailed. If I could keep them current, how wonderful would that be?? A girl's gotta dream!

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