Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Designing ain't for sissies

I spent a very frustrating day today, trying to pull designing brilliance out of my head and hands. I think it's safe to say I found a whole bunch of ways NOT to do what I was attempting to create! And while no one likes frustration, you've got to put up with some to get to the good stuff. And late tonight, I finally got to the good stuff. Sigh of relief!!

Now, on the flip side of THAT, a new frustration! I can't turn my brain off again, now that's its in design mode. I was just laying in bed, trying to sleep, and instead of dozing off, I'm analyzing complex thread paths. After the third time I turned the light on to sketch a possible bit or piece, I gave up and got up (AGAIN - what is this? The fourth time in the last week?) and I'm going to lull myself into a trance with my favorite time waster: Solitaire.

I can't wait to show what I'm working on to you guys, but I'm still tweaking, so it will have to be kept under the covers for a little while longer. Some are pieces to teach at Nomadic Notions next quarter, and others are for submissions to the 2009 shows for teaching gigs.

I get to go bead with the gals at the store on Tuesday. I'm going to work on an Ogalala necklace featuring one of Dolly Ahles' amazing lampwork masterpieces. I've owed her this necklace for SO long for her display and she's the most gracious and patient woman ever. A little redhead dynamo with a wicked sense of humor...

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  1. Oooohhh! I wish I could bead with the "girls" on Tuesday! Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm so jealous!