Saturday, June 28, 2008

A little more tease

I have two of the three new projects for Nomadic Notions (and eventually other places too) finished, but I'm seriously too tired tonight to get the photos taken and posted. I promise I'll get it done Saturday. Maybe at 11:59pm, but eventually I'll get it done!

The trick is that the house is being invaded early Saturday by my brother and Munchkin Alexis. He's going to do some manly chores around the house while Mom and I get a fix of our baby girl. Which means the day is probably pretty much wiped out. It takes both of us to keep an eye on her - mainly because we have the added fun of the dogs too. Winston and Alexis LOVE each other, but we try to keep their open mouth kisses to a minimum.

So in lieu of photos, I give you names instead...a necklace which will be known as Butterfly Kisses, and a bracelet named Piazza Perline (Italian for Beads Square.) And the third one is still being named. Right now it has a very naughty name that I can't use in public places because it's resisting my efforts to finish!

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