Monday, June 16, 2008

Show and Tell

My return trip to Lowe's for a different paint color seems to have been successful. I don't actually have the paint on the wall yet because I needed to switch gears and get some Tapestry Beads business done this afternoon and evening, but seeing the paint next to the color I'd been using yesterday looks good. It's the same sort of shade, but softer. I'll tackle that tomorrow morning. I have morning light coming into my bedroom so the extra sun will help me see any spots I might miss.

Wanna see a couple of the things I purchased at Bead & Button? First, and foremost, there were seed beads, of course. I stocked up on charlottes of various sizes at Osiris, got some of the Size 15 Delicas from my buddy, Terri Ann, at Foxden Designs, and picked out new color schemes for a few of our kits from Betcey and Mark at Beyond Beadery.

Mom & I love our booth neighbor, Dolly Ahles, to pieces, and her work is totally gorgeous. We splurged on one of her watercolor beads, although it was hard to choose.

I've admired Kelly Russell's PMC work with vintage buttons for years, and this was the show I decided I couldn't pass up owning my own piece any longer. It's an Antique Satsuma button of wisteria and PMC with patina. I plan on seed beading around the outside edge of it. One of the things I appreciate about her work is that she takes the time to make the back look pretty too. Finishing details are important.

And I seem to be on a PMC roll, because I also bought some of Christi Anderson's floral PMC pieces to use as components in jewelry I probably won't make for about three years. But I'll enjoy the bits on my table until I get around to it! How cute are they? I'm pondering how to incorporate them in a seed bead kit because they're so awesome.

I'm coughing up a storm tonight - still recovering from the cold I got as a free gift with purchase in Milwaukee from someone. It's that darned tickle in the throat thing where you can't stop. I'll probably have to take cough syrup to sleep. I feel totally fine except for the cough. Annoying.


  1. FYI, you also paid forward your free gift with purchase-- I'm still getting over my own cold. Today is the first day since last Wednesday that I can breathe through my nose without massive doses of medication. I have a carry-on suitcase FULL of my B&B goodies. I haven't put everything away in labeled containers yet, though.

    Laura F.

  2. I'll be right over to pick through your stuff! I'm sure you did a very excellent job of shopping and I can't wait to see what you couldn't resist.

    And a cold is a small(ish) price to pay for a kick butt week in Milwaukee at the Bead Show of all Bead Shows, right??? RIGHT???

  3. But we went to the same places! I also went to Osiris, and Beyond Beadery, and FoxDen. I looked for silver corneless cubes everywhere, couldn't find them, then found them and bought them everywhere on Sunday. I made it through Milwaukee security no problem--it can't be a surprise to them-- but was stopped in Kansas City. Three TSA agents gathered around the screen and I heard one of them say "what IS that?" I said "Beads. Lots and lots of beads. Lots and lots and LOTS of beads." They ignored me and yelled "bag check!" So I had to do the walk of shame over the Special Table where a TSA agent opened the carryon and asked (again) "what's in here?" I said, "beads." He said "Beads? That's sure a lot of beads." I said, "Yes, I believe the measurement is referred to as "a shitload." Yes, I really said it because the whole trip home from going back to the hotel on Sunday after the show to getting home on Tuesday after sitting in the airport for 9 hours was absolute h-e double hockey sticks!

    After I got home and unwrapped the lampwork beads I found, I calmed down. I think I'll go play with them again tonight. I can't remember the name of the place where I found some GORGEAOUS lampwork, but I'm so happy I found her booth. The 1000 through 1200 aisles were by far the best, I have to say.