Sunday, June 8, 2008

Have you missed me? Every day I've thought, I need to update the blog. And then I collapsed into bed before I was able to get on the computer to do it. This is like the ultimate beady endurance test! One more day on the Marketplace floor, and then we pack everything up tonight into the car. Mom and I will treat ourselves to an amazing steak dinner, an early bedtime, and Monday we even have the morning to go exploring in Milwaukee before Mom goes to the airport and I'm back on the road.

The whole trip has been spectacular - better even than I had anticipated. Seeing all my friends has been such a treat! Meeting new friends has been even more of one. My classes were a special treat as everyone had such a good time. We laughed and laughed and beaded.... The only downside to this year has been the crazy weather! Wisconsin has been getting hit hard by rain and tornadoes, and twice now the Midwest Center has told everyone that they shouldn't leave the building because there were tornado warnings in the area. It even caused extended shopping hours last night because it wasn't clear before the show was supposed to be over at 6pm. I also heard that many folks who had flown in were delayed quite a bit or even rerouted to Springfield, IL, two hours away and then the airline bussed them to Milwaukee. It's very unusual for this kind of weather to hit Bead & Button - we're often treated to 75 degree sunny days. A nice change from my 100 degrees back at home. Oh well, when there are beads involved, it matters not! Through rain, sleet, dead of night....

The booth has been so very busy that I haven't had time to make my usual five trips a day to the Beyond Beadery booth - I miss them! I actually do a lot of my color choosing for kits when I'm at shows with Beyond Beadery or Jane's Fiber and Beads nearby because then I have a complete library of beads right there for me to choose from. Luckily I'm through teaching classes now, and Sunday is traditionally a slower day at the show so I'm planning on it being seed bead shopping day.

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