Sunday, June 22, 2008

One free dog

Slightly used, adorable, and known to chew anything within reach. Yes, it's true. Winston strikes again. He got his little doggie canines on Mom's glasses. Within minutes, POOF! They were history. Don't get me wrong - they didn't get swallowed by the Great Gut of Winnie, but they are destroyed both frame and lenses.

Mom's got her old pair to tide her over until she can replace them, but it's an older prescription, of course, so her vision isn't that great with them. The jury is still out if the optical place can make an exact duplicate of her glasses (they're checking on the existence of the frames) but she and I are going down there Sunday to pick out a new frame if not. This can't wait long. Her lenses have to be sent out to be created, so it's probably a week before she gets them from the order date. AGH! We try to be SO careful, but the minute you drop your guard, he's there.

I was perusing the variety of blogs I read daily, and I've noticed a trend in the last few weeks. Can we be seeing some blogger burnout? Several of them have made decisions to take a few days off a week from blogging, or are trying to refocus what they talk about on the blog back to their original plan. Worry not about me - I'm a late adopter to this whole blogging phenomenon and it's still fun to share the ups and downs with you guys. Anyone who knows me knows that I'll make a story out of any old thing. "I had a hangnail today, and let me tell you, it was a doozy!" And I already occasionally skip a day here or there as my schedule requires, but I try to not leave more than a day between posts because I know as a reader, I'm disappointed when my favorite bloggers haven't posted for a long while. It's part of my routine, darn it!

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