Monday, August 25, 2008

And poof! It's over

The circus is leaving town today. It's so sad. I saw some of the folks off last night, and this morning there's more trickling as we all take planes, trains, and automobiles to our homes and next shows across the country. I just saw Anne off to Chicago in the lobby. I'll get to see Jane & Robin of Jane's Fiber and Beads next weekend in Austin at the Bead Jamboree show. Good times! And especially good since I didn't get to shop with them this weekend here. There are two floors of vendors at the Bead Fest show, and Jane's was upstairs and I was downstairs, and I barely got to visit the upper level. Sniff. Probably just as well. I managed to do enough damage downstairs.

When I get back home I'll take photos of my new beads and share with you. It's a long day of travel today - my plane doesn't leave until 5:30 today, so I'm hanging at the hotel for a while and resting. I'm very eager to see my puppy dogs. I miss my sloppy Winston kisses and my sweet Maggie staring soulfully into my eyes!! Josie and Piper (the kitties) pretend they don't even notice I'm gone, but I'm sure Josie will give me a talking-to when I get home. She loves to have meowversations with me.

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