Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bead Retreating!

I swear, there was a group cry of greeting as I finally walked in the main room of the bead retreat yesterday - "Jill's here! We were getting worried!" I feel guiltier than ever! But we managed to make up for lost time with lots of fun all day. There's 102 attendees this year - bigger than ever before and the newbies seem to be having a blast. Of course they are!

This is my third year at this bead retreat so folks are used to me bringing the kits and patterns. Before I could even unpack the samples, I was surrounded by women asking where they were. They're so sweet and complimentary about their experiences with our kits, and I just LOVE seeing what these wonderful beaders have done with them. Lots of variations and eye candy. Unfortunately I forgot my camera - I can't believe it! DRAT DRAT DRAT

The hotel has had a renovation since last year and one of the things they replaced was all the beds. They are now about 4.5 feet tall. I'm not kidding! Janie, one of our most height-challenged (but fiesty!) members had to run out and buy a stool so she could make it up in the bed without her roommate acting as a catapult! They're really comfortable, though and I felt like I was living in a princess and the pea fable - but without the pea!

It's a quiet and slower start this morning - most everyone is either in class already, or sleeping in. After lunch we'll start seeing people trickle out for their travels home. I plan on leaving around 2 or 3pm for my 5.5 hour drive home. I'm a lot less stressed out now so the drive should be more pleasant this time around!

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