Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That was interesting

Well, I'm back at home and have been greeted properly by plenty of boisterous wagging, barking, and licking. It was quite an interesting journey home, however.

A 3 hour plane flight filled with a typhoid Mary coughing up a storm all the way, a small child in the seat behind me throwing temper tantrums the whole way (his mother alternated pleading entreaties to stop with yelling at him that he is just like his father - oh my.) The passenger who sat at the window seat on my row on the previous flight had been "sick" - the seat cushion was gone and the flight attendant assured me it had been cleaned. But ick. Oh, and let's not forget the little screaming tyke getting a diaper change right there mid-flight, and then for the crowning touch? After I got off the flight and went to the Houston airport bathroom, there was a woman who was traveling with her small dog who was letting her dog pee in the bathroom sink. I kid you not.

Maybe driving to Philadelphia next year wouldn't be so bad....

The weekend was so amazing in every other way that it's hard to let one little flight bring me down. I got to spend time with Anne Mitchell, Gail Crosman Moore, Susan Nestor, Jane Overman and her sidekick, Robin, Charlene Abrams, and many more. We almost got kicked out of the restaurant one night for our loud and hearty laughter. Really, can we be blamed for losing it when Erin managed to spike her dessert cannoli four feet in the air? Alas, most of the merriment I must keep to myself under the "What happens at the bead show stays at the bead show" rule.

I can tell I'm fading as my typing and spelling mistakes increase. Must be time for restorative sleep. Photos coming tomorrow!

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