Friday, August 1, 2008

Here I am...

...still at home! Oopsie.

I realized after I wrote my post earlier today that I was simply too exhausted to get everything done, plus drive safely for 5+ hours. So I decided to wait until the wee hours of Saturday morning to head out - I'll get there by 8 or 9am, and be fine for a full day of retreat fun. I know my limits and driving when I'm that tired crosses them.

Instead, I slept all day. ALL DAY. When Mom got home at 5:30, I finally managed to rouse myself and spent the evening getting the odds and ends done for this weekend. The car is mostly packed. I still need to throw some clothes together, but at this point I'm only going to be gone one night! So it won't take much to pack me.

For those of you in Austin - don't forget that this weekend is Nomadic Notion's vintage beads trunk sale! I snagged some for me last night.

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