Monday, August 18, 2008

Yippee, skippie!

Ta-dah! I am finally done with the stitching portion of Rachel Nelson Smith's Endless Cuff, er, Ootheca Cuff. I had no idea when I vowed to not go to bed until I was done that adding the clasps (there are 3!) was going to be a several hour endurance test. But they're on the bracelet and all that's left now is adding the crystals with wire.

I soooo hate to admit it, but I think Mick, the store manager at Nomadic Notions, was right about my crystal color. I chose something nice and neutral when she suggested go dramatically contrasting. When I added the first three crystals it was a total blah moment. Daggumit! When I'm out and about and running errands on Monday, I'll stop in the store and experiment with a few other color options. I ain't spending this many hours on a blah cuff. Now ya'll will have to wait a little while longer for the unveiling of the masterpiece.

Sunday was a lovely, slow-paced day just the way I was hoping for. I got up late, read the Sunday newspaper (or at least looked at most of the photos), got a nap in this afternoon, and then beading done in the evening. Mom and I finished up some kits that are getting shipped on Monday and all that's left for Philly prep is some packing and errands. Sweet! It feels pretty strange to not be in a tizzy up to the last moment. Will I really sleep more than 3 hours the night before I leave?? I can't even imagine what that would be like!

We got rain tonight. Approximately 3.5 drops. I don't think the grass will be saved. Meanwhile, in Bastrop, where we used to live, 2 inches of rain caused a main downtown road that was under some construction to sink up to 3 feet in some places. Bet that was a little exciting!

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