Friday, August 8, 2008

Random stuff

I forgot to tell you that last night's Piazza Perline class was evidently drinking at the Mexican restaurant next door before coming to the store. They decided en masse that my class was to be renamed Pizza Praline. Umm....nice try!

And remember how I told you that everyone was busy making sure I'm taking care of myself? And how Kathryn was feeding me her left-over half sandwich at the classes? Not only did I NOT have a sandwich Tuesday night, but she fed me a left-over chocolate chocolate chip cookie instead! I warned her I was gonna tattle on her and I don't think she believed me! But it was okay since I had a vitamin later that night. tee hee

Austin is now on it's 46th day of 100 degree or higher weather. We usually average 11 a year. We only had 3 last year, but this is some pretty severe payback! And there's no end in sight - every day for the 7 day forecast is showing 100+. Heat indexes of 105. No wonder our electric bill is so painful - we've been setting the a/c on 79 at home and using the ceiling fans pretty much all the time to try to cope.

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