Monday, August 11, 2008


The weekend disappeared when I wasn't looking - how did that happen? I assisted one of Mick's classes on Friday night, taught a class on Saturday night, and treated Mom to a much-deserved steak dinner on Sunday. The rest of the weekend was spent happily with beads (weighing them, labeling them, moving them to and fro) and a nap here and there.

Suddenly it's 3am on Monday morning and I've lost my cheap labor for the week to that day job thing again.

Many of the millions of beads I ordered last week arrived early (!) on my doorstep on Friday which has certainly helped with a more steady but not frantic pace with making the kits that will get shipped to Philly later this week. What a concept - doing things on time! I'm hoping the rest of the goodies will arrive on Monday. At least the BIG box. There's much more to do once it does and I'm eager to dig in.

Have you been watching the Olympics? I saw the opening ceremony and was bowled over by all the pageantry and gloriousness of it. The drummers were mesmerizing. The boxes danced! The glowing body suits. Tai Chi in perfect formation. A visual feast - as a matter of fact, Mom and I have it on our tivo and we're not ready to delete it yet. I need to watch it again and drink in the splendor.

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