Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ganging up on me

There seems to be a plot afoot to get Jill healthy!

I've been hearing from Mom for a while now about how badly I'm eating, and that I need to sleep on a more regular schedule, yada, yada. But now the word has spread and everyone seems to be making it their mission to make me follow the rules!

Kathryn regularly saves me half of her eggsalad sandwich from lunch and makes me eat it while I'm teaching class that night. She knows I often don't eat anything all day until I get home from teaching around 10 or 11pm. So now I've got her feeding me.

And at the retreat this weekend, my roomie and friend, Janet, brought extras of her vitamins to make me take while she was "in charge."

And then Anne Mitchell is chiming in all the way from Tucson, telling me I need to eat and sleep better or she's going to "kick my butt." And I believe her!

The good news is that I'm listening and HAVE been making some good changes. I've been eating better the last few weeks and it's making a big difference in my energy level. I had also gotten my sleeping schedule on a more normal and even pattern, but that got significantly disrupted again by the workload chaos of last week. I'm working on getting it back to manageable again this week.

I vow to TRY to be more healthy - but I also know that there will be times when I'm going to revert to old patterns. None of us are perfect. When I have a crippling work schedule, the sleeping is the first thing that will end up off kilter. When I'm stressed, reaching for munchies is habit. But I'll try!!

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