Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't sleep with your cell phone

I have gotten into a bad habit lately, and it almost caused me to miss my blissful 90 minute massage Thursday afternoon. First, to explain, I have to admit that I stayed up all night Wednesday night and didn't finally sleep until 5:30am. I just wasn't sleepy! Plus I was working on the devilishly addictive cuff and didn't want to stop until I got it half done.

Back to the story...I usually use my cell phone alarm as a wake up alarm these days because it's faster and more reliable than setting my bedside alarm clock. No worries about power outages, which we have on a strangely regular schedule here in suburbia. Many more than we had when we were out in no man's land. I set my cell phone alarm for 11:30 so I could shower, shave, yada, yada and still have a leisurely drive to the massage. But me being me, when the alarm went off at 11:30, I was like, "I don't think so!" and so I grabbed the cell phone and hit the snooze button. (Yes, this phone was designed JUST for me.)

Great! Five more minutes! Except for the fact that I fell back asleep so fast, I still had the phone in my hand. Unconciousness brought upon muscle relaxation. Which brought on cell phone falling from hand. On to the floor. Under the bed. Zzzzzzz...has it been five minutes yet???

BOING! I jump from the bed, run to the nearest clock where I realize that it's now 12:45 and the massage place is 20 min. away and I stink and my teeth are fuzzy.

The good(?) news is that I have all too much experience in such matters. I was showered and scrubbed and brushed and dressed and only five min. late for my appt.

Some say the moral of the story is don't stay up until 5:30 am. Others might proclaim that you shouldn't hit the snooze when your alarm goes off. Me? I'm just not sleeping with my cell phone any more. Unless I happen to doze off before I set it down on the...(snore...)

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