Thursday, August 28, 2008

Of course

It's been at least a few weeks since I had a technology meltdown so I guess I was due. One moment I was on the computer, checking email. I stopped and had dinner before I returned to the computer to respond to my emails, and when I did, I discovered the monitor had died. Adios! Hasta la bye bye! Via con Dios! Gone. Just gone.

Last time we bought a new computer, we didn't get a new monitor though, so the poor thing had been used and abused for many years. Mom and I had been talking about upgrading to a bigger widescreen monitor, but it just never seemed like the best use of money. Until now! So off I went this morning and we're now proud owners of a 19" widescreen, flat panel monitor. Sweet. No more scrolling left and right on the internet.

I'm hosting a class this Sunday afternoon at my home - the first time I've done so at the house. And there's so much cleaning and organizing yet to be accomplished. Agh! We've lived in the house a year now and still have unopened boxes sitting in the room that will be the classroom. Typical of me, also, is the fact that the instructions haven't been written yet either. I guess I'm going to be kinda busy the next few days!!

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