Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Juggle, juggle

Wednesday is my "day off" this week - meaning it's the only day I'm not having to go into the store to either teach or assist a class between Monday and Saturday. Instead I'm going to be at home, in my jammies, juggling the thirty hundred things that need to be done here.

For starters, my last big box of kit supplies arrived a day early today (yippee!!) so I spent the evening (after teaching a class) putting clasps in baggies and labels on baggies and bagging them up together into bigger baggies for mass kit assembly later. I worked on spooling Fireline off the big spool onto the little spool. And putting it in baggies, putting labels on get the picture??

I now have every horizontal surface in the house covered in beads and bead related supplies. The kitchen island and the living room coffee table were lost in the last few days. I'm hoping to reclaim them by the weekend. The difficulty with the goodies on the coffee table is that it's in the Winston Reach Danger Zone - so we're purty smart here at Casa Wiseman (Anne would say SMRT, and I have to admit this was Mom's idea, not mine) - we're covering the loaded down table over night with a table cloth to hide it from Winnie. And it works. I'll be darned.

I'll be bingoing back and forth from working hard on some written material that needs big thoughts and big ideas (a secret project!!) and therefore, brain power, to my assembly line processing of the bead order stuff. Breaks for puppy petting and eating. I'm hoping to get everything shipped to Philly by the end of day Thursday so I can avoid higher shipping fees, but we'll see. The written material is really important too.

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