Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beading here, beading there, beading everywhere!

I just realized I've been remiss in making sure everyone knew about some beading things going on in the Austin area.

This weekend is the first Austin Bead Market show at the Travis County Expo fairgrounds. The Bead Market is a regular show in the southwest, but this is the first time it's been brought to Austin. I highly recommend it! I'd normally be there with my own booth, but due to my crazy deadlines I had to forgo it this year. Drat. But Maureen with The Bead Corner will be there, and she's got this awesome new book at her booth. I was lucky enough to grab one before she sold out in Stafford last month. It's an import from the UK, and it's really awesome and you seed beaders need to check it out.

Bead Brunch is this Sunday at Nomadic Notions too. I wasn't originally planning on being there, but now I am, so if you need any help with Nomadic Notions class projects - or just want to come socialize! - come on down! And don't forget that you get a 20% discount on anything you buy that day for being at the Bead Brunch.

Lastly, I have added the Austin Quilt Show to my schedule this fall. I've been threatening to do it for years now, but this year the timing worked out perfectly. It's being held Sept. 26th through Sept. 28th at the Crockett Center. This will be my only Austin show this year.

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