Saturday, July 12, 2008

Puget Sound, Day One

That title sounds like a plane crash survivor's diary or something, doesn't it? (Yes, I have an active imagination.)

Today's show was really nice. The facilities at the convention center couldn't be nicer, and it was a nicely solid stream of people in the hall today. Mostly the students of the various classes. Saturday will bring us a lot more of the local citizens who have jobs and couldn't attend today. People were very receptive to the kits even though it's my first time in this area of the country and I'm quite pleased all the way around.

I'm still quite tired after last night's last minute kit making frenzy in the hotel. It's a good thing I did it though because I needed those kits today. I have a little bit more reorganization to do before the show opens in the morning, but I think I'll wait until morning to do it. I've just returned from a nightcap with Anne and Susan, and I'm really to nod off.

Saturday will also be an adventure because I'm going to get to play with FIRE tomorrow night. I'm taking Anne's 3 Chains in 3 Hours class and will learn how to fuse fine silver. Scary!!

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