Friday, July 18, 2008

Catching up

I have been notified by Kathryn that I am falling down on my blogging duties. How else is she supposed to know what I'm up to??

Truthfully, I've been dragging around like a half-asleep zombie the last few days. I'm really having difficulty getting that energy level up where it needs to be for maximum production mode. But I'm actually making some pretty substantial changes to make that happen. That whole eating right, sleeping, and exercising thing...yada, yada...but I know it's important and I need to make time for it so I can get everything done in my life that needs to be done. To say I have a few beady irons in the fire is an understatement!

I spent last night working on a simple "Introduction to Peyote" sample and instructions for a class I'm proposing for the 2009 national shows and I got some good headway on it. I'll finish tonight before I crawl into bed. I'm proposing both beginner and intermediate classes to cover all the bases. And I have 9 - yes, 9 - samples I need to make. At least only one of them needs to be completely designed, and I have a second that's part way there. The rest are just making up samples of existing projects to send to them.

Which means I get to spend some time parked on the sofa, watching my backlog of tv shows while I bead! The TIVO is 70% full of all my crazy crime and reality shows. Things I can listen to without having to actually watch.

So I'm off to work for a smidge more tonight. Another few weeks until I can take that big breath I'm anticipating - at least for a day or so before I have to regroup and get ready for Philly! I'm really looking forward to that show. So very many of my friends, all in one spot. After that show, I've only got Texas shows on my plate for the rest of the year, and I'm not sure how I'll manage, being away from the traveling bead carnival until Tucson in Feb. 2009. I'll need bead show withdrawal counseling.

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