Monday, July 21, 2008

Hurricane Dolly

Tis the time of the year to worry about hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, and sure enough, Hurricane Dolly is being forecast to hit Texas. When that happens, Austin will sometimes get intensive rain, but that's about it for direct effects. We get some interesting side effects though. First of all, if they call for evacuations, especially in the Houston area, a CRAZY traffic jam that runs for 200 miles appears instantly on the main two highways between Austin and Houston. Even if that doesn't happen, though, since my brother is in the Special Operations Unit of the Austin Fire Department, there's always a chance that he might get picked for a team to get sent to the Gulf in advance (or in chaos afterward.) We're waiting to hear right now if he's going to get sent there tomorrow. If he does, I'll be spending the day with Alexis since her mother is scheduled to work all day. Not a bad prospect on my end!

I just looked at my calendar for the week, and I'm teaching or assisting classes every night for the next five nights. AGH! And I have nine more days until the Bead & Button classes must be in the mail. And the next day I leave for Shreveport.

I have a new strategy for Shreveport this year. I usually end up spending all my time selling kits or teaching and hardly sit down to bead at all. This year I'm going to lug my cash register to the event which I've resisted in the past. The truth is that it makes for a much more efficient and swift transaction, though, so I think it will be worth the bit of extra trouble in getting it there. I'm driving, after all, so the only real trouble is lifting it a few times. I think I can handle that. Or I'll make Janet (my road trip buddy) do it. Hee hee! And then I also didn't sign up to actually TAKE any of the other classes. Getting an opportunity to sit and maybe even be silent for a bit here and there would be a nice switch up for me. I'll probably regret it when I get there, though!!

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