Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some things never change

Every show, I have the highest of expectations that I'm not going to play the same Stay Up All Night Before I Have to Leave game - and every time, my hopes are dashed.

So I have to wake up around 4:30am to get on a 7:30am flight. And it's 11:45pm. And I'm up. And I still haven't:
Packed my clothes
Packed any of my projects I'll be working on
Figured out what I'm going to wear since it's only 72-75 degrees up there which is winter in Texas
Unhooked and packed up my computer and label maker (yes, I'm taking a label maker! I use it to make labels for the baggies in my kits - and I ran out of time to be able to do that before I left.)

In my defense, Vista and I spent a good portion of the day locked in battle. Which Vista won. Mom saved the day by coming home with a new and working power source for my laptop which meant we could finish the printing via the laptop. I'm leaving her with the desktop to see if she can get it to print again. Although I mentioned tonight that we should probably look into just getting rid of Vista on this machine and having XP installed. I can't tell you how many hours we've wasted on trying to deal with printer and scanner and storage devices that won't work with Vista. When your operating system brings you to tears, as it did during one low point earlier today, it's time to make a change! It's either that or hire a full time IT person. Preferably cute. And single. And wearing no shirt. Kind of like a high-tech cabana boy. (Dang, I must be tired. I'm hallucinating!)

Okay. So instead of finishing my tasks, I'm typing away at silliness. So forgive me, please, as I exit Stage Left and when you hear from me next, I'll be two time zones away!! It's a 6 hour flight, but it's non-stop....

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