Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Holy Cow - July??

I looked at the date on my computer about three times today - how on Earth can it be July?? I swear I thought I had a few more weeks of June left...

I spent most of the day yesterday working on various computer related tasks. Instructions to write, instructions to update, letters to write. Today I'll make a quick trip to the post office and mail off some goodies. Then back home to work on a few more loose ends that are time critical. Tomorrow I should finally have good focused time to work on getting kits made. I need to get my boxes shipped by Thursday to Tacoma. I won't have all the kits made, but I'll have some and those will go on Thurs. The rest I'll have to haul with me by luggage. Having purchased those new suitcases with the wheels that roll in any direction has made the BIGGEST difference in traveling for me. I love those things. Why has it taken society this long to figure it out???

The bookshelves my brother put together for us this past weekend have glass front doors on them which makes them look extra lovely. But we discovered one downside yesterday morning. Winston discovered his reflection in the door and kept barking at that dog that was over there. He was even looking behind him to figure out where that dog was! So for right now, the doors are ajar, keeping him from seeing the mystery dog. Not quite what we'd envisioned.

This is Alexis, helping her daddy with the work...

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