Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yes, we do have animals besides Winston

Good morning from June.

Jill is off at Nomads doing Sunday brunch. I just finished mowing the lawn, or what I more commonly refer to as "the brown patch out behind the house." So I decided to catch my breath and play on the computer a bit.

Jill had mentioned a day or so ago that someone was surprised to hear we have another dog. I guess we've talked about Winston and his antics so much, we've neglected everyone else. So, first let me introduce you to Maggie, the sweetest dog ever.

Maggie is part poodle and part bichon frise. She is not the smartest kid on the block, but what she lacks in smarts, she makes up for in Heart. Luckily Maggie and Winson get along great. In fact, Maggie, at age 11, is kind of slowing down, but Winston has gotten her up and running. They streak through the house like crazy running dogs, then run through the doggie door into the yard. There is silence in the house for a few minutes, then BAM! They explode back in through the doggie door without slowing down a bit.

We also have two cats: Josie, with a white nose, and Piper, with a black nose. Getting Josie is a story in and of itself, but I'll have Jill tell you about it sometime. The cats have had a harder time with Winston, because he wants to play with them, and they do NOT want to play back. Because of that, they both pretty much live in my bedroom now. Josie is very skitterish, and runs when Winston runs up to her, which makes Winston run after her. Piper will just stand her ground with Winston, and walk slowly. So for Winston, she's not as much fun as Josie is.

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