Monday, July 7, 2008

Watch out - Jill's playing with wire!

I got the chance to assist one of Mick's classes Sunday night at Nomadic Notions. It's a technique I've been wanting to play with for the longest time - as a matter of fact, I had the materials picked out and purchased about a year ago to work on it! Just never found the time. So assisting the class was a perfect way for me to justify the play time.

No big surprise - while everyone else was putting crystals and pearls and Bali spacers in their Rock Candy beads, mine were all seed beads, baby! All seed beads, all the time. I love the way they look like little balls of yarn.

I went with a brightly colored Size 15 bead mix because the colors make me happy. I managed to get two Rocks finished, as well as the mini-Rock clasp. I'll make another three Rocks, then I plan on incorporating some sort of seed bead weaving goodness to tie it all together into a bracelet or necklace. Not sure which yet. A necklace is something I'd probably wear more often because the chunky nature of the Rocks would make a bracelet less practical if I'm on a computer or something. But on the other hand, I'd enjoy seeing the bracelet so much. Decisions of great importance.

It finally feels like Fourth of July weekend - when I got home tonight, my amazing mother had made potato salad. favorite!

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