Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend hijinks

I had a wonderful class Friday night - not a lot of teaching went on since they were all well into their projects and only had to add small details for the most part. But we all enjoyed the leisurely pace and the company and conversation. I have one more Ring Around the Rosie class scheduled as a two-parter already, but after that I'm going to condense it to a single meeting and just extend the class time to three hours. It's sometimes hard to gauge how much time will be needed and I always figure over estimating is preferable to under estimating, especially when I have the luxury of doing so here in Austin. It's more tricky when I KNOW I have a single shot at teaching a class at the national shows. I either need more time if it's a high level of difficulty or multiple techniques, or I need to designate it as an intermediate level class so that I don't have to teach the basics. It's a fine line.

Rich sent me some photos of Alexis diggin' her Big Doggie from Grandma and Aunt Jilly. Awww! I think I have a serious Auntie crush on this kid.

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