Thursday, July 31, 2008

Short update

Winston's mad at me because I won't stop and play. The latest computer-related casualty is my wireless, ergonomic mouse. I killed the left button. No time to shop - back to the trusty old fashioned wired and plain-shaped version. Success!

Happy dance - my boxes arrived today. And double happy dance - I have more kits and patterns left than I thought I did.

And after Thursday, perhaps I can slow down to double time rather than warp overload which I've been sustaining for far too many days in a row. May I never get myself in such a bind again! Note to self: learn the lesson. Learn The Lesson, darn it!!

I spoke with Kalmbach Publishing today, and they'll be using my most recent published project as a promotion for the Creative Beadweaving, Vol. 3 book which is being published later this month. Both Mom and I had projects published in Bead & Button in 2007, and both are now being included in the book as well. Good thing they picked us both or there might have been unrest in the Wiseman household! Tee hee!

Back to the grind. Do you know how relieved I will be when I finally take this package of Bead and Button class submissions to the post office on Thursday? I may cry.

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