Saturday, July 19, 2008

Munchkin time

I'm so very happy that I get to go visit my Munchkin in a little bit. That's my niece, Alexis, for those of you who don't speak Munchkinese. Mom came up with the nickname and it's really stuck for us - although I don't know that Rich or Becky ever call her that. But in our house, it's an honored moniker! Mom and I purchased her a giant stuffed doggie that we're taking her. She's living in an all cat household, but she adores our little dogs so much that we decided she needed one of her own. I hope it doesn't scare her!

Then it's off to Nomadic Notions again to teach tonight. We're going to be creating some fabulous Foxy Mama bracelets! Afterward I plan on working on more samples in front of the tv again. No classes Sunday or Monday - just beading! My happy place!

I met this crazy and cool chick when I was in Milwaukee and I've been checking up on her website to keep up with her life. She's selling some of the cutest and most fun lampwork beads and buttons. Yes, buttons! I bought one to finish off a bracelet with and I just LOVE it. You should check out her goodies at Stars By Stacey. You might need to be quick, because I'm thinking about buying some MORE - all for Jill, all the time! This is the one I've already snapped up.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend...

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