Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home is good

A crazy and long day of traveling yesterday. It started out with pure panic - remember how my shuttle was picking me up at 4:15am? Yeah, well, I woke up at 4:06am! You've never seen such throwing of things into suitcases in your life. But doggone it, I caught the shuttle (it was five minutes late) and I was even standing there, waiting for it when it arrived. I apologize to my seat neighbors on the trip about the no shower thing, though. Ahem.

I was properly greeted at home with lots of doggie kisses and mayhem. The cats waited for me to come to them, naturally. And by 10pm, I was dead asleep. Good thing, too, since I've got to keep the movement going for one more day. I'm off to a hair appt shortly (gotta stay cute!) and then teaching tonight. And THEN I can collapse! For a day.

My focus will turn to finishing up my class proposals for 2009, and once my boxes arrive back from the show I'll work on getting the kits all replenished for the Shreveport Bead Retreat in a few weeks. And then Bead Fest Philadelphia is a few weeks after that. And then I'm HOME for quite a while. How confusing.

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