Sunday, April 20, 2008

All present and accounted for

I'm delighted to report that all humans (small and large), felines, and canines are still alive and well in the Wiseman household. Adding in one rather compact wiggly baby girl to our usual mix of mild chaos is kinda like putting a cat in a hen house. All previous balance and order is instantly a distant memory.

When Alexis napped today, we ALL napped. Now that she's gone to bed (okay, actually a couple of hours ago, but don't let a good exaggeration get in the way of my story) we are all collapsing in bed. I know I promised photos today, and stories of beady pleasures, but dang, ya'll. I'm TIRED! How do parents do it day in and day out??

The good news is that I'm feeling an uptick in my health (I'm sure everyone is glad because they're tired of hearing about it.) I even stayed awake for a record 6 or 7 hours. At one time even! I tried to get a little work done today, but with the Munchkin here, fuggediboutit. She wants to get in to everything. Try it out with her five new teeth. Toss it in the air for the dogs. Throw it off the table. Especially that. Oh, that's good fun!!

Pray for me. I have two more days until her parents come home. I'm teaching Monday night and I'll NEVER have been so glad to do so. But man, she's so awesome. :-)

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