Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why does my house look like a tornado has ripped through it? Oh yeah! It's because a 23 lb. one has been living here the past few days! Today was a little rough around the edges because Auntie Jill fumbled the nap by trying to put Alexis down too early. After that, the moment was gone. Cranky became the mood of the late afternoon and around dinner I escaped to go teach a class.

Mom's off to work in the morning and I think it will take all day for me to clean and gather Alexis' things for her to return home Tuesday night. It will distract us - she can "help" me!

And Wednesday things return to what passes as normal. Focus will shift back to beading and work and heavens knows there's a lot of it to focus on.

I spent a few minutes tonight reading one of my trashy serial killer novels (guilty pleasure) and there was a line in it that cracked me up. It reminds me of not only myself but also several of my friends. "You always did think too much to ever be completely happy." HA! I'm getting better at thinking less and coincidentally, my happiness level is increasing.

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