Saturday, April 19, 2008

I hate it when that happens

There's little that makes me more upset than having to cancel a class because I'm sick. But doggone it, I had to do it tonight. When I woke up Saturday morning my throat was on fire and I knew the class probably wasn't gonna happen. It's a fine line between cancelling early enough to get in touch with everyone, but waiting as long as possible to see if I feel better. I finally decided that it was silly to take the chance on making a bunch of folks sick along with me. I'd be annoyed if I showed up at a class with an obviously sick instructor, so I'm hoping ya'll feel the same.

I'm glad I did it, though, as this evening has been no treat. I will feel better. I WILL! At least the store didn't have a class scheduled for next Saturday night so I will be able to have it next week instead. But there's always someone who can't make it and I feel so darned guilty.

Alexis (aka, Firecracker) is here and somehow she's confused turning 1 last week with turning 2! What a strong willed little girl! She's clearly going to be walking any moment, and I swear I heard her say "woof" twice. Mom told me she did the cutest thing while I was napping. Winston was laying on the ground and she scooted over to him and stared at him for a while. Then laid down with her head touching his and reached up to pet his head. Finally she turned over and did "mmmm...kiss" which all us adults do to have her give us kisses. Awww! Melt!

Mom, however, is already exhausted and she was only here five hours before bedtime. With me being quarantined, she's having to do it all, and I guess it's not as easy at 61 as it was at 24. Hee hee. Poor Mommie!

I unpacked the boxes that arrived back from Miami today so I can see what I need to make before they leave again for Phoenix. I also got a wholesale order from a bead store in Dallas that's pending - I'll let you know who they are as soon as we get it finalized.

I've been working on a Bubbles & Bumps necklace in colors to compliment the Curly-Q bracelet that everyone is so fond of, but I don't think the colors are working out the way I want. I'll show you a photo tomorrow so you can tell me. The bracelet is predominantly brown and the necklace turned out to be predominantly green, so... I may just be reworking that sucker again. I've got the pattern down so it's just the colors I need to tweak. I'd wear the green necklace, but I have a feeling not everyone will love it.

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