Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Got Vitamin C?

Bah. I've come down with a cold. I kinda felt it coming on when I was flying back home, but I was trying to ignore it and hoping I was wrong. Not so much. My voice lasted through last night's class, and today I sound like...well...a croaking frog? I'm going to try to take it a little easy today and rest up so I can rebound, but taking the day off totally isn't really an option.

I decided to add Bead Expo Phoenix on my schedule - I'm not teaching there, but I'll be in the expo hall, selling the kits and patterns. Come see me! It's in two weeks. Lots of my friends will be there so I'm really looking forward to it, and Arizona has always been nice to me. I can't seem to stay away.

I figured out for last night's students how many seed beads 8 kilos is - that's how much was here at home for me when I got back that needs to be transformed magically into kits. It's the equivalent of 267 tubes of beads, assuming they are 30 gram tubes. (Some are smaller.) So, a lot. And that's not everything I need before the month is out. UPS loves me.

There are still some seats available for my Bead & Button classes in Milwaukee in June. Come hang out with us and have fun!

The class sign ups at Nomadic Notions for the next quarter opened yesterday and my four new classes all got gobbled up. I was smarter this quarter and offered each of them twice, so there's still at least one space available in each of them, but not a lot. Don't dilly dally if you have your heart set on one of the earlier classes especially. When I left the store last night there was only one spot left in one and two spots in the other. I don't remember which ones exactly or I'd tell ya'. I was kinda dopey.

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