Friday, April 18, 2008

Hanging on

I'm not a sweet little sick thing. When I get sick I get whiny, cranky, and just plain annoying. I'm even annoyed with myself at this point. I made a break for it since I was feeling a little better when I got up this morning - decided to haul myself down to the International Gem & Jewelry show downtown in a futile search for a specific color, shape, and size of pearl. I should have known it was a wrong decision when my legs got rubbery walking across the street to pick up the mail.

By the time I was done at Intergem, spending a whopping 45 min. there, and that's only because I kept running into people I knew, I hightailed it back home and collapsed in bed. Not promising.

On the other hand, it was old home week at Intergem. I saw Eva & her mother, and Alex (Eva & Alex both from Nomadic Notions) in the parking garage and we walked in together. Then I ran into the triple threat of Kathryn, Beth, and Linda. I saw Sylvia and Aileen, and Nancy there too, but I didn't stop to talk because I knew by that time I needed to get home. Oh, and I saw Susan there and then ran into Claire on the way back to the parking garage. Like I said! EVERYONE!

I actually did make one more stop and that was at Joann's to pick out some fabric for my table top in Phoenix and beyond. Happily I found something I really like. And what else, of course, but ran into another beader there! Norma showed me the Hula Hoop bangle she'd completed from class last week.

I'm teaching Dazzling Dutch Spiral Saturday night and after that I'm going to spend the night at my brother's house since Alexis will be at my place. I don't want her to get my germies. I need to get better to take care of her on Mon and Tues when Mom goes to work.

The kit boxes arrived safely from Miami today and they all look like they had a good vacation. Time to take them out, take inventory, and restock. Right after I get a few more zzzzzs.

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