Wednesday, April 9, 2008

PLEASE let me have a flight

So I wake up this morning to news of the 1,000 flight cancellations that American Airlines has made today, and warnings that they may continue tomorrow also. And while my flight from Austin to Houston is on Continental, Houston to Miami is American, of course. And now there's roughly 100,000 people who's flights were cancelled, trying to get to their destinations. Tomorrow figures to be interesting, eh? I figure I'm going to make sure I have a good bead project and a couple of books. Luckily I have some wiggle room in my schedule. As long as I get to Miami by early Friday I'm good. After that, I'm not so happy.

I wanted to share with you guys a photo that Daryne sent me a few days ago. She's a fast beader! She got the directions for Josephine's Fortune just a few weeks ago and has already completed this one for her mother for Mother's Day. She's planning on making one for herself now in greens and copper. Gorgeous!!

I'll try to keep the blog updated while I'm in Miami. The hotel has the nerve to charge $10 a day for internet access, but they also have a business center so if I can find the energy I'll post from there. Or I'll pop for the $10 a day. Because a Jilly without internet is a Jilly breaking out in hives. I don't know how people existed without it!


  1. I wondered if you were flying American when I heard about all the cancellations!! Good Luck!! Safe Travels

  2. I'm happy to say it looks like I'm gonna be safe (as much as I can be) tomorrow. My flight out of Austin is Continental and I've already done online check in on it. And the American flight out of Houston is on a 737, not an MD-80, so my particular flight shouldn't be canceled It will be simply dealing with all the folks who got canceled the last few days who are desperately trying to get to their destinations. So I should be good. But I've got munchies for the airport, just in case!!