Monday, April 28, 2008

Shipping beads around the world

Okay, so I'm really only shipping beads around the country today, not the world. But it's been done before! I've got some orders that are getting mailed, and then the big boxes that go to Phoenix for next weekend. I had to make a run to Office Depot to pick up some sturdier ones than I used for the Miami shipment. Always learning lessons...

Bead brunch yesterday was a blast, as usual. The day started out in a torrential downpour, that I had to drive to the store in, then go get goodies for the brunch in. I was a drowned rat. But then the sun came out and the beady women started streaming in, and a good time was had by all. I hadn't looked very closely at my work schedule so I was surprised to find that I had to stay until 3pm. That means from noon until 3, I switched gears from seed bead teacher to regular store employee and it's been a really long time since I've done that! When I first quit my day job to start Tapestry Beads I worked in the store 20-30 hours a week. Over time as I didn't need the income any longer, and I needed the extra hours to work on Tapestry Beads stuff I stopped working in the store except when absolutely necessary. It's hard on my back to stand all day, and it's hard on my temperament to be full-on customer service for long periods of time. Actually, I'm good for a day or two. It's the endless days of it that start making me cranky which I don't like for me or for you!

I'm teaching one last class tonight, then the rest of the week is all about getting ready for, and traveling to Phoenix. I may have to take an extra bag on the flight there since I'm not doing too good about being ready to ship everything today. I'll be one of those insane travelers you see in the airport with 50 bags piled high on a cart and demanding to be let to the front of the line. LOL! Excuse me, Bead Diva is here!

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