Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I like this flying stuff

I think it's a measure of the progress of my career in beading that I suddenly find myself flying to shows instead of logging endless hours of driving cross country. I made the decision today to even fly to Bead & Button this year. Gulp.

The normal show set up comes with all manner of items I've deemed necessary over the years. Our carefully considered lighting contraption, lots of rolly carts to keep the kits organized, tables, tubs, yada, yada. It fills the back of the Honda Element with just a smidge of room left over for my suitcase and me. So making the decision to fly means throwing out three years of work on figuring out the perfect set up and starting over with what really needs to be there.

I can't say I'm sad I won't be spending 5 or 6 days driving there and back. The first day is great fun for me. I like driving and don't mind being alone. The running joke is that I'm happy as long as all I have to utter after the intensity of the B&B show is "Diet Coke, please" for 3 days afterward. And it's kinda true. But still - being away from home for three weeks straight takes an emotional toll.

I figure the cost of shipping my stuff there, plus my plane ticket will be cheaper than, or at worst, equal to, the cost of all those nights in hotels there and back, and, of course, gas. (Wow, can I throw more commas than that in a single sentence?) We'll see if that turns out to be true.

I didn't get much besides travel planning done today with this cold. A little beading. A friend swears Mucinex will kill what ails me before it turns to bronchitis. I'll stop at the store tomorrow to pick some up. Of course, last time I followed her medication advice, I tried Nyquil for the first time (I was 16) and it made me vomit all night. It's taken me 24 years to follow her advice again.

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