Friday, April 4, 2008


I've always been a list-maker and it's more important now than ever before for me. I can't keep everything straight in my head and when I try, my head threatens to explode. Before it reaches the detonation point, I end up having a manic list-making session to organize myself.

I was up until 5am the other night doing just, I'm a night owl as we all know. But 5am is extreme even for me. I usually top out around 3am. But I couldn't turn off the wheels in my brain until I had everything safely written down, so the birdies and I greeted daylight together.

My lists were a simple "to-do" for my regular life, a "to-do" for Tapestry Beads, and the big, honkin' one - a beading projects that need to be made list. Samples make my world go around. I need samples for display at Nomadic Notions, I need samples for display at bead shows, I need samples to turn in to Bead & Button when proposing classes for the B&B Show annually, I need samples for any projects I submit for publication, and I need samples to wear. All of that has finally gotten to the point where I can no longer keep up making all the samples! My list that I worked up has 25 projects that I need to get made and that's not really including a lot of new stuff. Maybe 4 of them are new - things I'm working out the design on that I want to submit for classes for 2009.

Believe it or not, the deadlines for the national bead classes for 2009 are right around the corner. The first one is May 15. That means I've got to be on the creative ball NOW so I can have the projects worked out, photographed, blurbs and supply lists written, and all properly documented in time.

My calendars and my lists. My lifeline.

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