Monday, April 7, 2008

It's amazing what you find...

...when you clean! My bead room has been out of control ever since we moved into the new house in Sept. I'm finally making a lot of progress, though. Having the bead garage sale a few weeks ago helped weed out things I'm no longer using and forced quite a bit of clean up in finding the things that needed to go in the sale.

You know how you always have the best of intentions when you move? That you're going to pack in a very organized fashion. Like things will be packed with like things. Boxes will be carefully labeled with the contents. And then reality hits and you're out of time and things start flying into any box that's nearby with a smidge of room left and labeling? HA! Well, I had about six bead boxes like that when we first moved in. I'm down to two that haven't been gone through and sorted now which I call major headway. Those boxes are the pits to go through!

Once everything is sorted and more or less put in a spot, then I plan on doing a second round of organizing and sorting to make things more efficient. For instance, I keep all my beads in drawers, and right now I have several drawers labeled Gemstones, several labeled pressed glass - all of which could be consolidated and organized better. I need a list of what seed beads I own so when I go shopping I stop buying the same tubes over and over again like a magpie.

I bought one of those label makers that attaches to your computer and it's the best thing since Swarovski crystals. I love that sucker! Sit still for long enough in my house and you may find yourself slapped with a label!

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