Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Peace and quiet

Today was lovely all around. I had lunch with a friend and it was a good talk and I'm always happy when I make the effort to find time for my friends. I'm not very good at it I'm afraid to report. Partially because my work schedule is all over the place, partially because I'm a hermit at heart, happy to sit and bead while watching American Idol. I'm working hard at making a better effort though, because I've realized I miss them. Sometimes it's good to remind myself there's a world outside of beading. Not as fun, naturally, but still.

I'm working tonight on finishing up some edits for a project that's going to Step By Step Beads in the morning. I'll do some more beading on the myriad of projects on my list. Just the repetitive samples tonight because I'm not particularly feeling the design mojo at the moment. It had better come visit me really soon, though. Deadlines are fast approaching. If I refuse to look at the calendar, will time stop??

For those of you in Austin, this Sunday is Bead Brunch at Nomadic Notions, and for the first time in several months I'll be there, so come by if you need help with any class projects or if you just want to hang out with the beading gang. 10am to noon.

I finally finished this class sample too and I'm really pleased with the result. It can be hard to see in a photo, but it has a dramatic swoop due to the use of two different sized beads. It's my Smashing Spiral Ndebele class which I'm teaching at Nomadic Notions May 6 & 13. There's still a few seats left.

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