Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

The trip home was uneventful - I even mysteriously sailed through security for the first time in years! And blissfully, I had an empty seat beside me on both legs of the trip. On the first flight it was literally the ONLY empty seat. Even better, with Anne pep talk (she's so good at it) I was driven to be working on new designs while on the airplane and I accidentally hit on something really good! I mean, Really Good. It's not ready to share yet because I'm still working out design elements, but I'm so pleased with it. I should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday! But I was too darned tired to stop until I hit my driveway.

After being greeted by waggy tails and puppy dog kisses, a little purring from the feline contingent, and a quick run through Sunday's newspapers, I collapsed in bed. Only to have nightmares about showing up to teach a class and finding out that I'd lost the instructions. So I was trying to write and draw a new set while they sat there staring at me with nothing to do, getting madder and madder. I finally finished drawing them by the time the class was supposed to be over and the group was pretty livid by that point. Ugh!

I'm teaching the second part of a class tonight at Nomadic Notions and the irony is that I'm so tired and disconnected from life here in Austin that at this moment I can't even remember which class it is. But don't worry! I'll look it up and they already have their instructions since it's the second night of a two part - that I remember!!

I'm feeling very grateful today on many fronts.

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