Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mother/Daughter day

After a crummy night's sleep (my back was hurting and keeping me up) I woke up this morning and puttered around the house for a while. Then Mom & I decided to go see a movie. We saw "The Bank Job" which was really quite good. We saw it at the Alamo Drafthouse, which, for those of you not in Austin is a movie theater where they serve you food at your seat too. And not just junk, but really good quality stuff so it's a unique event when you go.

Afterward we stopped by a nursery that is so popular they have to hire parking staff to coordinate people in the parking lot. Seriously! The day was perfection so it doesn't surprise me how many folks were there. We managed to buy a few things for the yard. Mom's still in planting mode despite hobbling around in that bootie of hers. I'm going to have to sit on her tomorrow to keep her from doing too much. I'll do it, too - just watch me!

Then a drop by visit to my brother's house so we could get a baby fix. My niece, Alexis, turns 1 year old next week. I'll be missing her birthday party because I'll still be in Miami for Bead Fest, but the following week she's staying with Mom & me for 4 straight days while her parents escape to Las Vegas. I hope we survive! She's such a doll, though, and good natured almost all the time. She adores the dogs, so that's always fun to watch. She's learned how to give kisses now. Heart breaker!

So by the time we got back home, we were both wiped out. I haven't gotten much work done today which is scary since I've got to ship my boxes to Miami on Monday. All the kits need to be finished and packed by mid-day Monday. The good news is that I don't teach on Sunday so I've got all day plus Mom's help. Thank goodness for mommies!

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